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Indipendent film production

Roman Citizen is a new film production company launched in 2017 by Luca Elmi.

Right now, we are in the post production phase with the film The First King directed my Matteo Rovere, and starring Alessandro Borghi, Fabrizio Rongione and Emilio De Marchi. The film has been co-produced with Groenlandia and Raicinema.

In 2017 we co-produced with Warner Bros. and Indigo Film  “Succede” (It just happens) directed by Francesca Mazzoleni, starring Margherita Morchio, Matteo Oscar Giuggioli, Matilde Passera, Brando Pacitto and Francesca Inaudi. The screenplay was adapted from the book with the same title, written by Sofia Viscardi.

In 2016, Roman Citizen produced the short film “HYENA”, directed by Luca Elmi and starring Abi Van Andel, Joshua Loren and Timothy Bates, shot in Louisville, Kentucky. The film went on to win the best foreign project award at the Central Florida Film Festival and has been accepted in competition at the Louisville International Festival of Film, has won second prize in the drama section of the Indie Gathering International Film Festival, having received four nominations. In Italy the film has won the Young Jury prize at the Amarcort Film Festival and has been accepted in competition at the Rome Film Awards.

In 2016 Roman Citizen also produced the music video “The prostate song”  who has also been accepted in competition at the Orlando Film festival and Rome Film Awards.

In 2015 the featurette  “Roman Citizen” (who also gave the name to the Company) was produced in Louisville, Kentucky, starring Sheilagh Weymouth, Laurel Casillo, David Van Arsdale and Joshua Loren, written, directed and produced by Luca Elmi. The film won numerous awards and has been selected for the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival.
Sheilagh Weymouth has been awarded the Best Actress award at the Best Actors Film Festival in San Francisco. Roman Citizen also has been nominated for 4 awards at the Portsmouth International Film Festival, in England: best film, screenplay, supporting actress and editing, winning the last one.
The film has also won a series of awards at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival – best dramatic short, best short overall, best director (luca Elmo) and best film overall.
Other awards include Greenpoint Film Festival, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Central Florida. Also, Maine International film festival and best film (winner) at The Videofestival Imperia.

In 2011 Roman Citizen produced the short film “Do not Harm”, starring Gerolamo Alchieri, Roberto Stocchi and Lucilla Tempesti, written, produced and directed by Luca Elmi. The film won several best film awards, best short at the LA Noir Film Festival, best foreign project at Central Florida Film Festival, and in Italy several awards, among them Salento Film Festival, Fano International Film festival, Amarcort, Etnaci, Golden Frame, etc.

Between 2005 and 2001 Roman Citizen produced three more shorts:  Alex and the women  (2005), Once upon my time  Once upon my time and Bonsai, the musical? (2009). These were all very well received among the national and international Film Festival round.

Luca Elmi

Roman Citizen Entertainment was launched by Luca Elmo, Italian actor/director and screenwriter/producer. The company’s mission is independent film and Television production.

Roman Citizen wants to reinvent the idea of the “genre film” and bring to the Italian audience a series of high quality, small budget projects for the Italian and foreign market. The first feature films on our agenda are a cop film in the noir style and a horror film “giallo” style like Italy used to produce in the ‘70s.